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Genesis of Compass31 Part Three – Falling in Love, A Journey of Hope

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As you dive with me into the heart of our story – a tapestry woven with threads of courage, redemption, and empowerment – we stand together at a pivotal juncture where purpose, challenge, and an unshakable calling converge. Welcome to Part 3 in our series, “Journey of Courage: Navigating the Path of Triumph and Redemption,” where the pages of our story unfurl to reveal the depths of our mission.

Unfolding Compassion and Connection

Our voyage into the heart of this journey unraveled new dimensions of understanding, evolving alongside the pressing needs that etched their mark on our path. Our expedition was no longer an individual pursuit; it had transformed into a collective odyssey of compassion, hope, and relentless dedication.

The seeds of our journey were sown with an agonizing sight – that of young children caught in the throes of exploitation, their innocence ravaged in the cruel shadows of the red-light district. This once-romantic journey, our cherished Friday date nights, now unveiled a stark reality, thrusting us into the midst of lives robbed of their dignity. The encounter with this unvarnished truth resonated deeply within us, igniting a spark that would kindle a movement yet to be born.

Navigating Uncharted Territory of Care

Transitioning from silent witnesses, we embarked on the path of connection. Our journey pivoted towards teaching English to young women, bearing not only the scars of exploitation but also children born of violence. Compassion swelled within our hearts as linguistic lessons transformed into bridges of empowerment, fostering the growth of confidence and self-worth.

In the midst of this journey, a pivotal crossroads emerged – a crossroads that posed the question of welcoming three mama-baby sets into our home. This plight of vulnerable mothers and their infants unveiled a chasm in the realm of care within the counter-trafficking movement – a void where no other organization had yet dared to tread. Within this void lay the very essence of our mission – an uncharted territory where answers were scarce, guided by an unyielding belief that with Jesus, captives are still set free.

Amidst the tides of uncertainty, another profound moment crashed into my heart and crystallized in my soul. A fragile baby girl, 14 months old and weighing a mere 12 pounds, came with her 14-year-old mama into our care. The lethargic baby did not yet walk or talk, and she did not vocalize at all or interact in any meaningful way. Her silence spoke volumes, and her weakness stirred our determination. The possibility of her being hearing impaired lingered as a potential explanation for her lack of voice.

Embracing Transformation through Love

Guided by determination, we sought the guidance of a pediatric clinic. Our goal was simple yet profound – to extend the support, care, and hope that this fragile life so desperately needed. Amidst the hushed corridors of the waiting room, I cradled the tiny girl’s weight in my arms, her raspy breath a symphony of vulnerability and potential. In this intimate moment, a vision unraveled before my eyes – a vision that would not only redefine our journey but anchor us with unshakeable purpose.

Suddenly, the plastic chairs and vinyl floors of the waiting room faded from my awareness. In the unfolding vision, I found myself standing on the precipice of a huge chasm, its dizzying depths unfathomable, its beauty overwhelming. My toes dangled over the edge as a whisper caressed the fabric of my soul. It was the tender yet resolute voice of Jesus, inviting me to embrace the unknown – an invitation and a challenge echoing through the corridors of time.

“If you fall in love, you can never go back.”

In that fleeting moment, a divine choice was offered – to vault beyond the familiar, to surrender to the realm of love, compassion, and unwavering dedication. I knew, even before Jesus finished his words that it was too late. I was already in love, and there was no going back. Amid the ebb and flow of uncertainty in the upcoming weeks and days, this invitation became my steadfast anchor.

This transformative moment of falling in love ushered in a new chapter – a chapter defined by exhaustion, boundless love, and unyielding justice. I invite you to journey alongside us as we navigate Part 4 in “Journey of Courage: Navigating the Path of Triumph and Redemption.” Here, the threads of our narrative converge, driven by the redemptive power of love.

From the depths of my heart, I extend my gratitude for your presence on this voyage of compassion, hope, and unswerving commitment.

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