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Genesis of Compass31 Part Two – Unveiling the Tapestry of Compassion

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Support

Venturing further into our journey, we found ourselves amidst the vibrant landscapes of Thailand. Six months had passed since our expedition into this foreign territory, a time span marked by challenges that tested our faith and enriched our souls. As we navigated the bustling markets and attempted to decipher the tonal nuances of the Thai language, a profound truth emerged – beneath the layers of unfamiliarity, I was already fluent in the language of trauma and triumph, and an unyielding commitment to loving well became my north star.

Answering the Unexpected Call

A short 12 hours after returning from a short-term trip in China, with little more than a smattering of Thai phrases, three mama-baby sets arrived at our doorstep. It was a challenge and opportunity that resonated with the depths of our hearts, beckoning us to embark on a new mission – one that centered around uplifting young girls and their babies, a mission that would pave the way for empowerment for those who had experienced human trafficking. Though this was not the path we had envisioned, a resolute sense of God’s love compelled us forward.

The responsibility of offering these beautiful, vulnerable girls sanctuary and support lay heavy upon my heart. Tirelessly, I reached out to various organizations, driven by the conviction that each mama and child deserved more than mere survival; they deserved a chance at restoration and renewed hope. In the midst of my pursuit, a startling revelation emerged – a revelation that left me both stunned and determined to forge a new path.

It was an astonishing realization – despite the abundance of organizations offering aid to survivors, a profound gap existed. A gap so significant that its presence gnawed at the edges of my conscience. In the Southeast Asian landscape, a dozen years ago, no entity existed solely dedicated to preserving the unity of mothers and their babies during the delicate journey of recovery and restoration following commercial sexual exploitation.

Personal Journey, Shared Purpose

This revelation resonated deeply with my personal journey, one that had led me from darkness to freedom while navigating the arduous path of single motherhood. The clock spun backward as I remembered the sounds and smells of a clinic where, at the age of 17, the day after a failed suicide attempt, I found out that I was pregnant. God ultimately used the collision of life and death in that 24-hour period to empower me to escape from exploitation and find freedom. I intimately understood the complexities of this journey, realizing that support for both mamas and their babies was paramount. Within the depths of my heart, I felt a unique calling, a sensation that our family had been meticulously woven together by the Creator for a purpose that surpassed our understanding.

With each passing day, the assurance that the birth of Compass 31 was God’s idea became inescapable. Despite my exhaustive search, no other organization materialized that prioritized the integral bond between mamas and their babies during the process of recovery. It was a confirmation that Compass 31 was not a mere venture borne of human desire; it was an embodiment of God’s plan set into motion.

Prepare to journey even further as we plunge into Part 3 of this captivating saga – ” Journey of Courage: Navigating the Path of Triumph and Redemption.” Together, we will traverse the depths of a love that transcends barriers, a compassion that knows no bounds, and a dedication that stands unshaken against the trials of life.

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