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Gathering Information on Human Trafficking

Welcome to the Information Hub where we will explore the realities of human trafficking and dispel misconceptions. Did you know that this pervasive crime occurs in every state, affecting individuals from all backgrounds? Here is where you can equip yourself with the ability to identify trafficking indicators and report suspicions to the appropriate authorities. Embrace numerous avenues for action and impact, such as volunteering with anti-trafficking organizations and advocating for robust laws and policies. Engage in your community, support survivors and their organizations, and amplify awareness on social media. Each contribution plays a vital role—united, we have the power to bring an end to this tragic reality.

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It is time for all of us to take action against human trafficking. We must recognize the signs and be vigilant in our communities. If you suspect that someone is being trafficked, do not hesitate to call for help. Your quick action might save someone’s life.

Please, do not attempt to confront a suspected trafficker or alert an individual that you suspect is being victimized. Instead, contact law enforcement directly or call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at (888)373-7888. This hotline is available 24/7 to answer calls from anywhere in the country.

Together, we can make a difference. By reporting suspected cases of human trafficking, we are giving law enforcement the tools they need to intervene in situations where individuals are being victimized and connect them with the resources, they need to rebuild their lives. So let us be the voice for those who have been silenced and fight for justice and freedom for all who are exploited and oppressed.

    Understanding the Reality of Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking is a heinous crime that preys on vulnerable individuals through various forms of force, fraud, and coercion, including debt bondage, false employment opportunities, promises of love, psychological manipulation, and violence. Even causing a person under 18 to engage in a commercial sex act is considered human trafficking under US law, regardless of whether force, fraud, or coercion were used or not.

    It’s a common misconception that human trafficking involves moving victims from one place to another. However, this is not the case. The exploitation of another person is the crux of this crime, which can happen to individuals who have never left their hometown.

    You can play a significant role in ending human trafficking by learning to identify the key indicators of this crime, raising awareness about human trafficking in your community or industry, and reporting any suspected trafficking incidents. Certain professionals, such as those in the law enforcement, hospitality, transportation, and convenience retail industries, may be more likely to observe human trafficking in their daily work. Resources and support are available for various groups, including youth caretakers, faith-based leaders, and student leaders. By taking action and working together, we can help end the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and promote justice for all.

      • Volunteer your time and skills with Compass 31 and join us in fighting human trafficking.
      • Educate yourself and your community about the signs of human trafficking.
      • Report suspected cases of human trafficking to law enforcement or the National Human Trafficking Hotline. (888) 373-7888.
      • Donate financial resources to provide empowerment, education, and support to those that have been victimized by human trafficking.
      • Advocate for policies and laws that combat human trafficking.
      • Be vigilant in your community and report any suspicious activity to authorities.
      • Support survivor-led organizations that empower and uplift survivors of human trafficking.
      • Attend or host events that raise awareness about human trafficking.
      • Engage with your elected officials and urge them to prioritize the fight against human trafficking.
      • Use your voice on social media to raise awareness about human trafficking and share resources for those in need.

      Overcoming Myths: Understanding Facts

      Discover the hard truths about human trafficking and shatter the misconceptions. Did you know that this horrific crime is happening in every single state and can impact anyone, regardless of their status or background? It can take many forms, but one thing is for certain: ignoring it won’t make it go away. Learn to recognize the signs of trafficking and don’t hesitate to report suspected cases – just don’t confront the criminals yourself. There are countless ways to take action and make a difference, from volunteering with organizations fighting trafficking to advocating for tough laws and policies. Get involved in your community, support survivors and their organizations, and raise awareness on social media. Do your part – together, we can end this tragedy.

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      Education Rooted in Reality

      MYTH NO. 1

      Myth: Human trafficking does not occur in the United States. It only happens in other countries.

      Fact: Human trafficking is not a problem that only happens in faraway lands. The heartbreaking fact is that it exists right here, in every state, in every city, and in every community, in the US and globally. It’s happening right now, in plain sight, and we all have a responsibility to do something about it.

      Human Trafficking Myths vs Facts
      Human Trafficking Myths vs Facts (4)

      Education Rooted in Reality

      MYTH NO. 2

      Myth: Human trafficking is only sex trafficking.

      Fact: The truth is that sex trafficking is just one form of this heinous crime. Forced labor is another form of human trafficking where people are exploited for labor. This type of exploitation can be found in various industries, including sweatshops, massage parlors, agriculture, restaurants, hotels, and domestic service.

      Education Rooted in Reality

      MYTH NO. 3

      Myth: Those victimized in human trafficking are only foreign-born individuals and those who are poor.

      Fact: Individuals that experience human trafficking are not limited by age, race, gender, or nationality and can come from any socioeconomic group.

      Human Trafficking Myths vs Facts (2)
      Human Trafficking Myths vs Facts (5)

      Education Rooted in Reality

      MYTH NO. 4

      Myth: Individuals engaged in commercial sex acts must experience force, fraud, or coercion for it to be considered human trafficking.

      Fact: Under U.S. federal law, any minor under the age of 18 who is induced to perform commercial sex acts is a victim of human trafficking, regardless of whether they experience force, fraud, or coercion. There is no such thing as a “child prostitute.”

      Education Rooted in Reality

      Myth NO. 5

      Myth: Individuals victimized by human trafficking will attempt to seek help when in public.

      Facts: The difficult reality is that human trafficking is a covert crime, and individuals experiencing it are often too scared to speak out. They may live in constant fear of their traffickers, who use violence, threats, and coercion to keep them under their control.

      Human Trafficking Myths vs Facts (7)
      Human Trafficking Myths vs Facts (8)

      Education Rooted in Reality

      MYTH NO. 6

      Myth: Human trafficking and human smuggling are the same.

      Fact: Human trafficking and human smuggling are not the same things. The act of human trafficking is based on exploitation and can occur without crossing any borders, whereas human smuggling is the illegal movement of people across a country’s border, often with the individual’s consent, in violation of immigration laws.

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      Our donors are simply incredible and share our unwavering belief in the power of transforming trauma into triumph, through Christ’s Love!

      Compass 31 is a beacon of hope for those who have been victimized by human trafficking. Their tireless efforts to support survivors are truly commendable. By donating to Compass 31, I know that I am helping to make a real difference in the fight against this heinous crime.

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      As someone who has personally been affected by human trafficking, I can’t thank Compass 31 enough. Their support & resources helped me get back on my feet & rebuild my life. I encourage others to donate to this incredible organization to help them continue their vital work.

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