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Press Release

By admin 7 years ago


‘Freedom Fighter’ aims at educating to prevent human trafficking before it begins.

Franklin, TN (July XX, 2013) – For Jenni Jessen, survivor and self-proclaimed ‘Freedom Fighter’ it’s personal. She knows the many forms human trafficking can take. Under the direction of Jenni and her husband KJ, e3 Resources has developed a new tool to help educate people around the world in preventing the nightmare of human trafficking before it ever begins.

PricelessCube is a travel-anywhere, 3 inch cube, that folds open to reveal seven panels of images to arm and educate in the battle against slavery and human trafficking. A proven educational model that uses the oldest form of communication — storytelling, PricelessCube can be used anywhere to raise awareness to help save the next one from predators.

“I am a survivor of human trafficking,” Jessen said. “I was four years old the first time my grandfather sold me to another man for sex. What followed was 13 years of torture, child pornography and rape for profit. God provided my escape when I was 17.”

Today, the Jessens make their home in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she is the director of Compass31, a restoration program for rescued girls. Chiang Mai is one of the top destinations in the world for human trafficking.

Jessen knows firsthand that human trafficking doesn’t require an exotic, faraway locale.

“All of my abuse happened in the buckle of the Bible Belt, in southwest Missouri,” she said. “In Chiang Mai, it confronts you everywhere you go. With my personal background and experience, my husband and I knew at some point, God would use us to work in this field.”

The Jessens had used EvangeCube and recognized the impact of pictures along with the power of storytelling, especially when it came to breaking through the language barrier. “We were living and working in Thailand,” she said. “I asked, ‘What if we were able to develop a Cube for human trafficking?’”

“We wanted to make sure the imagery for the Cube was multicultural. It was a very significant point for us to develop a tool that would be universally received,” she said. “Human trafficking is not only happening in Thailand. It’s not only happening in Missouri. It’s not only happening in Ethiopia. It’s happening all over the world.”

In May, Jessen lead a team to Ethiopia for a pilot project using PricelessCube. It was there that she saw the true impact of PricelessCube and how it could change lives.

“We worked in 120 homes where 90% had already been impacted by human trafficking — either they had sold a child or had a niece or nephew or grandchild who had been sold. Many believing that they were sending a child off to school or to some other place for a better opportunity,” Jessen said. “More than 30 families told us that they would not send a child away, as they had planned. In one village, the leader summoned for the head of every household to come hear the PricelessCube message. Upon hearing the information, they all vowed to protect their village from the deceptions of traffickers.”

Jessen said it’s critical that Americans are aware that human trafficking is happening in this country. “It’s happening where you live — in as many as 161 countries throughout the world including the United States,” she said. “Lust feeds slavery. Cheap things, cheap labor, cheap sex, and pornography all feed the $32 billion per year business of human trafficking.

“Most of the victims come from weak and fragile nations. When families are insecure, they are vulnerable to the false promises of traffickers. In vulnerable countries, human trafficking forms part of a nexus of criminality, along with illicit drugs, arms trafficking, and other crimes,” the UN’s Deputy Secretary-General released in a statement in June.

Through e3 Partners, PricelessCube programs have been launched in Kenya, India, Nepal, Thailand, Ecuador and Mexico. Plans are in place to launch programs in other countries soon.

To purchase PricelessCube and to find out other ways you can get involved go to

ABOUT e3 Resources
Beginning with the creation of EvangeCube® in 2000, e3 Resources provides an extensive line of innovative tools and resources used in over 75 countries worldwide. e3 Resources is a division of e3 Partners, recognized as a world leader in short-term missions and church planting, as well as the innovative discipleship movement I AM SECOND. For more information on e3 Resources visit For more information or to interview Jenni Jessen about PricelessCube and human trafficking, contact Joelle Polisky at (615) 516-0358 or via email at

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