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I Want Out

By admin 6 years ago

Once again, I am guilty. Guilty of waiting. There is a beautiful girl in the red light district. Over the past 10 months we have slowly developed a friendship and hope has blossomed. Then 8 days ago with tears in her eyes she whispered her wish to me.

“I want out. Can you help me get out?”

I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. I told her I would pray and be back as soon as I could….and then I stumbled.

Every family unit that comes out of the red light district and into our project cost on average $400 USD/month. That covers room/board, education, medical, counseling and a small salary while they study toward a better future. In the days that followed, my eyes shifted from Jesus to the waves and I began sinking. I can not rescue her, I do not have the resources….BUT Jesus.

He sets the captives free.

Every. Single. Time.

And so He asks me, and he asks you, “Will you be part of the rescue?” For my part, I will fall into faith and meet with her in the upcoming days and start working on a safe exit strategy. For your part, what will you do? Click HERE to be part of her restoration.



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