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Growing up and learning to play

By admin 6 years ago

photo (2)One of our girls requested spaghetti for dinner on Monday night and ate it while she breastfed her 10 month old baby. It was her 15th birthday but the first time she has ever had a birthday party. There was one thing that she has always wanted but would never dream of asking for…a Barbie doll.

It is impossible to give her stolen childhood back, but thanks to your love and support we could grant her secret wish with a Barbie doll and the permission to play. She and her baby girl tore open the package together. One, with a two tooth grin, chewing wrapping paper crumpled in a fist, the other smiling from ear to ear. When I went to tuck in all the girls at bedtime, there she sat. A woman-child with her new Barbie doll’s tiny princess crown perched precariously in her own tangled hair playing quietly, happily next to her chubby, sleeping daughter.

Thank you for fighting for these princesses. Through your prayers, God is breaking down the gates of hell and bringing freedom. And thank you for letting me tuck them in on your behalf.



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