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Nefarious Documentary

December 14, 2013
Synopsis “Modern slavery.” It sounds like a paradox. Hasn’t humanity progressed? Didn’t we leave slavery dead on the battlefields of the American Civil War? Didn’t social reformers like Lincoln and Wilberforce legislate against such cruelty over a hundred years ago? So we had thought.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

December 5, 2013
In December of 2011, US President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation establishing the month of January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month,  commemorating “the anniversaries of the Emancipation Proclamation, which became effective on January 1, 1863, and

The Candy Shop

December 14, 2013

A Survivor Finds Her Voice

After weeks of preparation and practice our Compass 31 survivors were going out to teach human trafficking prevention with Priceless Cube. The challenge was that they would be working in one of the villages from which one of our girls had been exploited.

All of our girls rose to the occasion and flourished but it was especially poignant for the one who was returning to her place of trauma. With her head held high, she was able to educate the village leaders from her own home village. Some of these leaders were the very ones who had a hand in her exploitation.

She courageously taught them about the realities of human trafficking and the hope of restoration. She went house to house sharing a message of truth and redemption in the hope of protecting the children who had been her neighbors.

This beautiful survivor was so encouraged and empowered that when we finished in her village, she wasn’t ready to stop. Instead, she led us to a 2nd neighboring village so that they could be protected as well. Thank you for your role in her redemption and in helping to empower her and give her a voice.

Prevention through Education

PricelessCube™ is a seven-panel, puzzle cube that unfolds and flips to reveal images that emphasize key elements to understand Human Trafficking. From any red-light district, university campus, to the rural poor, PricelessCube is adaptable to the environment you’re in and relevant to the one who listens.

Becoming Priceless Cube

She was only 4 years old that summer day, when everything seemed right in her world. Awakened from the nightmare as a young pregnant woman, repeatedly raped and sold for sex. See this inspiring story unfold in the 4 minute film: Becoming PricelessCube.