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Menstrual Pads


Size S: Panty Liner Approx. 20 x 18cm / 8 x 7inch  $5/ 165 THB each
Size M: Light to Medium Flow Approx. 18 * 25cm / 7.1 * 9.8inch  $6/ 199 THB each
Size L: Medium to Heavy Flow Approx. 23 * 30cm / 9.1 * 11.8inch  $8/ 265 THB each
Size XL: Overnight or Post-Partum Flow Approx. 35 * 23cm / 13.8 * 9.1inch $10/330 THB each

For comfort and convenience we recommend every woman have a complete set of 4-6 pads.
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Benefits of Using Cloth Menstrual Pads
Over the course of a women’s lifetime, she will use approximately 16, 800 disposable pads and tampons. This results in approximately $3000 spent on a basic necessity, but one that simply ends up being thrown away.
It is estimated that nearly 20 million pads are used in North America each year, resulting in massive amounts of waste.
Cloth pads cost more up front, but in the long run have the potential to save a woman thousands of dollars.
Using cloth pads protects sensitive skin from exposure to synthetic fabrics and chemicals, and may help to prevent rashes, infections, and even cramps.
Cloth pads also tend to better maintain healthy air flow and balance in exposure to moisture.
Cloth pads involve a simple maintenance process and include convenient solutions to the daily needs of a woman during her menstrual period.
Cloth pads also provide a viable solution to women and young girls in poverty who are unable to afford sanitary products. Having access to cloth pads empowers them to walk in confidence, avoiding unnecessary shame and stigmatization, to pursue an education without interruption, and to support their health by meeting basic hygienic needs.
For every menstrual pad purchased one will be donated to local schools to for free distribution to young disadvantaged girls to empower them as they come of age.

Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
Material: TPU + Microfiber + Bamboo Charcoal Fiber
Item Type: Sanitary Pad
Material: Cotton + Bamboo Charcoal Fiber + Microfiber

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